What is bamboo biochar

Bamboo Biochar organic fertiliser featuring patented technology

Bamboo biochar is a stable form of soil carbon with a naturally porous structure which improves aeration, water-holding capacity and nutrient retention of soils and acts as a refuge for beneficial soil microbiology. It is the building block of resilient soils.

biochar electron microscope 1
Electron microscope view of biochar pore structure

Optimise water retention and improve fertiliser efficiency

In targeted applications, Bamboo Biochar soil amendments can help reduce the use of water in agriculture, turf, and landscape applications by helping practitioners optimise the water-holding capacity of the soil, increase plant available water and limit evaporative water loss. As a result, plants and microbes can get the precious water they need, when they need it.

Our patented Biochar technology also has shown efficacy in improving fertiliser efficiency by retaining water and nutrients in the root zone longer, which gives plants and microbes more time to consume them. This can help reduce challenges related to leach and runoff. In addition to helping with regulatory concerns, nutrient efficiency allows growers and their advisers to adjust their protocols to potentially improve economics while maintaining yield and quality.

Bamboo Biochar is processed to improve soil quality

The Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertiliser features a biochar-base that effectively nurtures and enhances the microbial populations in soil. The soil’s microbial makeup in the root zone is crucial to soil fertility. Some soil microbes help make water, nutrients, and minerals in the soil available to plants. Other microbes produce hormones that spur plant growth, and some soil microbes stimulate a plant’s immune system. The application of natural soil amendments helps diversify soil microbiology and supports activity in the root zone. A diverse soil microbiome results in fewer plant stressors and diseases, producing higher crop yields.

Societal and environmental benefits of Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertiliser

This technology sits at the confluence of four important global and societal trends. Products that help address any one of these benefit society and the environment. Bamboo Biochar shows great promise to help address all four at the same time.
benefit biochar