Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertiliser

Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertiliser is a biochar-based soil amendment product that is engineered to improve soil health, reduce water consumption and help optimise fertiliser use while sequestering substantial amounts of carbon. The highly porous physical structure of Bamboo Biochar also makes it a promising delivery system for microbials and nutritionals designed to enhance plant growth and productivity.

Bamboo Biochar benefits:

1) Improve the soil’s water holding capacity
2) Increase nutrient availability
3) Activate beneficial microorganisms around the roots
4) Neutralise acidic soil, pesticides and heavy metals
5) Reduce fertiliser and pesticide use
6) Long term benefit from only one application
7) Increase yield and quality of produce



Antibacterial: The bamboo biochar provides a habitable and favourable environment for beneficial bacteria with biocontrol properties to flourish. These species are used to inhibit harmful bacteria in the soil, prevent root rot, fusarium wilt and other continuous cropping pests, kill nematodes and insect eggs in the soil, and keep the roots of the crops in a safe environment.

Promote and nourish roots: The metabolites of beneficial microorganisms contain a variety of natural growth factors, which can improve the growth of roots even under adverse conditions. These metabolites supplement organic nutrients such as amino acids to ensure the plant has a diverse source of the nutrients needed for root growth and plant health.

Improve soil fertility: Bamboo Biochar is rich in amino acids, organic matter, alginic acid, chitin and fulvic acid which promotes the formation of soil aggregate structure, improves the living environment of beneficial microorganisms, dissolves phosphorus, potassium, and fixes nitrogen. Bamboo Biochar improves the efficiency of fertiliser absorption by the plant, thus reducing fertiliser consumption, thus solving the problem of soil acidification and salinisation.

Comprehensive nutrition and increase yield: Provides access to a comprehensive range of sources of plant nutrition. Bamboo biochar aids the chelation of large and medium trace elements, promoting the growth of crop roots, stems, and leaves, and improving the overall yield and quality.

Organic, chemical-free bamboo biochar for strong, healthy plants from root to tip. Get seedlings off to a flying start, avoid transplant stress, and naturally revitalise tired plants. Used by professional growers.

It’s easy to apply and, because of its water holding qualities, it means less maintenance of plants, crops and lawns. It also means you’ll save a bit on those water bills.

Biochar is so high in carbon that it doesn’t break down over time, meaning one application is all you need to permanently improve your soil.

1 tonne of biochar in the ground is the equivalent of 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide permanently sequestered from the atmosphere.

Enriched biochar is proven to boost the health and vitality of nearly every type of plant, and healthier plants are stronger and more productive.


  • Increase the long term organic content of the soil
  • Promote microbial activity
  • Improve fertiliser efficiency
  • Reduce pesticide use
  • Water retention
  • Purify the soil and groundwater
  • Increase yield and quality of produce

bamboo biochar soil

Storage: Keep dry

Net weight: 25 kg

Appearance: Black granule

This product is certified organic under the EU Organic regulations: (EC) No 834/2007 (EC) No 889/2008 EU/Non-EU Agriculture


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