How it works

All Biochar Is Not Created Equal

When it comes to biochar products, the proof is in the performance. We use bamboo biochar as a raw material that is then processed and upgraded to ultimately create the Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertiliser. Decades of research and development has led to the creation of our product, every aspect has been fine tuned.

The manufacturing process detoxifies the biochar while eliminating variability and ensuring a top-performing amendment that consistently works. When raw biochar is transformed into Bamboo Biochar, critical measures – from germination and plant performance to nutrient cycling and water retention – are enhanced. Most importantly, the product remains consistent from batch to batch, always delivering the same, positive experience and improvements in soil quality.


How Bamboo Biochar Soil Products are Processed and Produced

The production process begins by heating renewably sourced bamboo in low oxygen conditions, creating raw biochar. The raw biochar is then processed using our proprietary upgrading technology to produce our patented Bamboo Biochar. Our proprietary upgrading technology is designed to improve soil quality and accomplishes the following:

  • Cleans the pores, removing hydrocarbon residues and other undesirable substances.
  • Adjusts and balances pH to ensure consistent performance without side effects.
  • Enhances the surface chemistry of the material to optimize microbial growth in the pores and on the surfaces as well as enhancing nutrient exchange in the soil.
  • Conditions pores to better retain water and nutrients and to host beneficial microbes.
  • Removes dust, improves flowability and creates consistent particle sizes for easy, predictable application you can count on.

Bamboo Biochar is Processed for Improvements in Soil Quality

Bamboo Biochar is processed to address the shortfalls of traditional “raw” biochar applications. Our biochar-based products are upgraded with robust scientific methods, engineering, a deep understanding of soil science and manufacturing expertise for improved soil quality and agricultural sustainability. Bamboo Biochar products are processed and upgraded to provide consistency and customisability.

  • Consistency. Process control across the entire spectrum of production enables us to maintain standardised conditions that ensure product consistency, which is critical in a commercial agricultural product. This is not just about pyrolysis – it’s about a full process built from the ground up to deliver consistency: from feedstock selection, to pyrolysis, all of the steps have been designed with consistency in mind.
  • Customisability. If your crops need additional nutrients, we can create Biochar products with specific levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium etc to meet your requirements.

Bamboo Biochar works by improving the biological, chemical and physical properties of your soil, thus unlocking it's full potential

Bamboo Biochar is a durable, porous, organic material designed and engineered to improve soil quality by having a good ionic exchange capacity, increasing water and nutrient retention, and providing a positive environment for microbial growth.

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