Evidence of soil and crop benefits

The efficacy of our Bamboo Biochar technology has been demonstrated through hundreds of experiments and R&D trials, across 6 continents, over 10 years. The benefits of the biochar-based technology has been demonstrated both internally and with external independent third-party researchers and universities.

Rather than making claims with limited evidence, we are bringing our products to market by following the traditional, proven path used successfully by other successful agricultural products, namely:

  1. Deep internal scientific trials to refine and advance technology and understanding of mechanisms
  2. University and private research trials to prove efficacy
  3. Distribution and grower trials/demos to demonstrate value
  4. Partnerships developed with Industry Distribution and Technology Partners with wide-ranging capabilities

Below are some photos from a few of these trials, however the best way to get to know it’s efficacy is to test it yourself. 


lettuce seek biochar
lettuce seek biochar

Increased yield, increase size of each plant, less disease (prevent root nematodes).


garlic roots

Increase root growth leads to more resilient crops. 

Less susceptible to disease, more drought resistant.


banana seek biochar

Increased early root growth, large green leaves, increase plant growth, reduce plant disease, increase yield.


potato biochar


grape seek biochar


mango biochar

Zucchini (Courgette)

Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertiliser


rice biochar

Rice grown with Bamboo Biochar had the longest and strongest roots making it difficult to pull out of the ground. Increase number of kernels per plant, increased yield per hectare, fewer incidence of disease.


Extra growth, increase in number of new leaves, early harvest, full flavour tea.


tobacco farm biochar

Reduce the amount of chemical fertilisers by more than half, improve the quality of tobacco without increasing costs, decrease bacterial wilt disease. Bamboo Biochar was spread over the soil before transplanting.


Bamboo Biochar yield: 3 tonnes/hectare

Manure and NPK yield: 2.4 tonnes/hectare

Cherry tomatoes

Bamboo Biochar yield: 60.8 tonnes/hectare

NPK yield: 55.9 tonnes/hectare

Control yield: 49.2 tonnes/hectare


peppers biochar